Men`s Silk Scarves

Looking for neckwear options that compliment your company uniform? Then we at carry a wide assortment of solid color ties for your male staff and matching womens scarves for your female employees. Below is our current assortment of women`s silk scarves that are also available as matching mens neckties.

Scarves with or without Tassels

We at carry both: Scarves with tassels, as well as scarves that have rolled edges. Which style you choose is personal preference. As a general rule, mens silk scarves with tassels are more traditional and appear more formal while silk scarves with rolled edges are more casual and modern.

Tying the Silk Scarf

While neckties require much more attention for tying, the scarf can be enjoyed with much less restriction. Some men prefer to wear their scarves hanging down from each shoulder without wrapping the neck - a look that is traditionally known from the white or ivory colored "opera scarf". Make sure that you don`t wrap the scarf around too many times. At least eight to ten inches of each end should hang down. Keep in mind that you are wearing a scarf and not a neckerchief.

Looking for Matching Women`s Scarves?

We at regularly receive requests for women`s scarves that are an exact match to our men`s ties. Typically these requests come from companies looking to update and/or improve their company uniform. Other customers include singing choirs, churches, and schools. Because of such common request, almost all our solid color silk ties are also available as a matching women`s scarf. The following collection of women`s scarves shows what is in stock for immediate shipment. Please contact us for any other request such as custom design options, pricing, and turn-around times.